Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Was Tagged!

I was Tagged by Andrea! Here is the Tag:

8 Favorite Shows:
1. Biggest Looser
2. Privileged
3. The Bachelor
4. Jon & Kate Plus 8
5. Heros
6. Kyle XY
7. My Own Worst Enemy
8. The Hills

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Feed Baby
2. Get "Apple" ready for school
3. Feed Baby
4. Get "Pear" ready for school
5. Feed Baby
6. Clean house/fold laundry
7. Feed Baby
8. Pick up kids from school
(Should I go on?)

8 Things I Look Forward to:
1. My husband having a job!!
2. "Plums" first B-Day.
3. A clean house!
4. Not stressing about money.
5. My oven getting fixed!
6. "Apple" getting baptized.
7. Having money to go on date night!
8. Watching my kids grow up!

8 Favorite Restaurants:
( Not That we ever go out to eat, but if we did I would pick one of these.)
1. Outback Steak House
2. Claim Jumpers
3. Red Robin
4. Macaroni Grill
5. Olive Garden
6. Johnny Carino's
7. El Pollo Loco
8. Baja Fresh

8 Things on My Wish list:
1. My Husband had a real good job!
2. My baby would sleep through the night.
3. I could lose this baby fat so my clothes would fit!
4. We didn't have to worry about money.
5. That the economy was doing better.
6. That my children are happy!
7. That I am a good example to my children.
8. That I was caught up on my scrapbooking.

8 People I Tag:
1. Natalie
2. Amy
3. Tasha
4. Amie
5. Janis
6. Stephine
7. Rebekah
8. Jennifer
(If you don't have a Blog do it in an email!)

1 comment:

andrea said...

That's such a cute idea to call your kids by fruit names. I could kind of tell you were trying not to use their names, and I'm glad you chose nicknames for them, because I wasn't sure what to call them in my comments! (I don't know if you could tell...)

Anyway, I'd forgotten about Claim Jumper. Mmmm, that's good stuff. And I had panic attack flash-backs when I read about how much you feed the baby. Yeah, I do NOT envy you there!!

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