Monday, January 5, 2009

My Twin!

The princess has a new hair do. My daughter had been asking for about a month if she could have bangs. I am not sure why she wanted them. I think it is because Aunt Debbie was coming for Christmas and I like to have her cut my hair when she comes down, so she wanted her hair cut too! I really didn't want her to have bangs I thought she looked cute just the way she was. She kept asking and after great agony I decided to let her do it, it's just hair! I think the bangs look really cute on her. It is kinda scary I think she could be my twin. She looks just like me when I was about her age. There is no denying she is my daughter!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Tammie has a mini-me! She is a cutie, like her mom. Too bad Kaydee wasn't older (because Cari says she's my clone), then there would be a replay us us at that age.

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