Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So You Think You Can Walk?

Just last week "Plum" decide he would take a shot at walking. He is doing a very good job at it and everyday he is getting a little bit better. I think he may be walking pretty good by his birthday which is at the end of the month, where did the time go? He is even trying to stand up by himself without using anything to pull up on. He will be chasing after his brother and sister in no time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We had a very nice 4th of July. It is the first time we have actually spent a holiday with just our own little family and although we love to spend time with our family it was kind of nice to be by our selves. The kids decorate T-shirts, they had a lot of fun making them and I thought they turned out great. We were able to see fireworks from our back yard the kids thought that was pretty neat.

We got some glow in the dark sticks that you can wear as bracelets. I think this was the highlight of the night. The kids gave us our own "light show" as they call it, and your in luck we have recorded it for you to enjoy as well.

We hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. We feel really blessed to be living in the USA. We are grateful for our freedom and are thankful for all the men and women who fight for our contry.
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