Thursday, August 12, 2010

First day of school

I can't belive we have started another school year! Time seems to go by faster and faster! I would really like it to slow down! But I don't think there is anything I can do abiut it!
"Apple" is in the 4th grade now! My sweet baby girl is growing into a young lady before my eyes! "Pear" is now in second grade I don't even know how that happened he just starte kindergarted the other day! (LOL)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Plum" turned 2!

I can not believe my baby boy has turned 2! Why does time have to go by so fast? We had a nice little party for him just Mom, Dad, brother, sister and Grandma ("Nana") and Grandpa("Papa")!
Grandma made these cute little monkey cupcakes aren't they cute?

We have really enjoyed having this little guy join our family! He has such a happy personality and has brought us much happiness!

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