Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Didn't Know That!!!

So I have a baby who is now about 5 months old. He is my third, and I am still learning new things. He has a cold( poor little guy!). So sleeping has been a little hard for him because of his stuffy nose, so I have been putting him to sleep in his car seat. I felt really bad doing it but it was the only way we could both get some sleep. I called the doctors office to see if it was OK and the nurse said she actually recommends having a baby sleep in their car seat because it makes it easier for them to breathe. So I guess I am doing the right thing. I just hope when he is feeling better he will sleep in his crib! He also has what I call "guppy eye" (conjunctivitis or pink eye) and for mothers who are nursing they say the best thing to do is put a little bit of breast milk on their eye each time you nurse. I know that sounds a little crazy but it really does work!You can read more about using breast milk for eye infections here or here. I guess breast milk has more than one purpose!Be sure to consult your doctor before using this method. I hope this helps any of you who may have a little one with a cold!

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