Friday, March 25, 2011

New Beds!

Back in October we had to move "Plum" from his crib to a "big boy bed". After being awakened at 2:00 in the morning by a 2 year old who was crying at my door, we decided it was time. I was kind of sad to move him out of his crib I had hopped to keep him in it for a while longer. He adjusted pretty well it only took about a week of him getting in and out of bed. He now for the most part stays in bed after we put him in! "Pear was petty excited to sleep on the top bunk too!

Here is "Apple" in here new day bed (courtesy of Grandma & Grandpa Wilson, I love hand me downs). She loves it and now we have an extra bed in the house.

1 comment:

Janis Miller said...

These pictures are so adorable. Looks like they are enjoying their new sleeping arrangements. New is always fun.

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