Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

In school on Friday, "Pear's" Kindergarten class had a Mothers Day tea party. They sang us a few songs and we did the chicken dance it was so much fun! (Sorry I don't have pictures) They made us some paper flowers and a card. The teachers asked each of the kids some things about their mom (they filled in the blanks)and I thought it was so cute see what "Pear" thought of me so I wanted to share

My Mom
My mommy is the most wonderful mom in the world! Her name is Tammie. She is as pretty as a Sunflower. She is 33. She has blue eyes and brown hair. She weighs 6 pounds and is 80 feet tall. Her favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese. In the good old days, when she was little, she use to play with her barbie dolls. I think my mommy is funny when she calls me by my brothers name. I would not trade my mom for 100 cats. I love my mom because she is nice to me!
I love looking through the eyes of a child! I feel so blessed to be a mother! Happy Mothers Day!


Niki said...

That is SO cute!

Amy said...

What a sweetie. Lena did something like that in her class, and according to her, I'm 24, 105 lbs, and 9 ft. tall. But you, 6 lbs and 80 ft tall, you must be really good at hiding, lol.

Natalie said...

What a funny kid. Such a great personality! Hey, you missed out on some great pie yesterday. I had more than one piece, just for you!! Love how your kids got out of singing too!! Was that on purpose or were they bummed they didn't get to go up?? I hope your day was great with the family!!

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