Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I loved being able to spend time with our Family in Utah! It is so Beautiful there and we would love to be able to move there! We went to a like to go fishing and out on some canoes! I love "Apples" expression when she thought she might have caught a fish, but no fish!

Bekah and I out on a canoe! I was a little hesitant but I loved it once I was out on the water!
"Plum" checking things out!

Isn't he cute!

"Apple" and Uncle Nathan

"Pear" and Daddy
Mike and the two oldest kids had so much fun that they went back the next day and spent just about the whole day on the lake! Mike came back with a really bad Sun burn!

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♥Mommy Of 2♥ said...

Ok...Like so fun! I have actually never been in a canoe but would love to some time! Utah is beautiful! We were just there this summer.

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