Friday, November 20, 2009

Toilet Paper Pumpkins

I love these little pumpkins made from a roll of toilet paper and some cute fall fabric!

First you will need a 22 inch square piece of fabric, and a roll of toilet paper.
I cut mine in a circle but you can leave it as a square.
Set the toilet paper in the middle of you fabric!

Next you will start tucking the edges of you fabric into the center of your toilet paper roll!

Tuck all the edges into the roll!

For the stem you will need about a 8 inch square of a brown paper bag, crumple up the bag as if you were going to throw it a way. Then you will uncrumple the paper and fold in have and roll it up and put it in the center of the toilet paper roll to create your steam!
Use a 6 inch piece of green pipe cleaner and curl it a round your finger and place along side your stem!

Now you have a cute little pumpkin!

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